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Australian Equities Specialists Mid-Cap, Small-Cap,

Giving you access to the growth potential of some of Australia's best up-and-coming companies

Since 2000, we have given investors the opportunity to diversify and grow their investment portfolios by providing access to some of Australia’s best quality smaller but growing companies through our three small and micro-cap portfolios.

A trusted investment manager to retail and institutional investors, we have delivered strong long-term returns and have been highly rated for our efforts and included on some of Australia’s largest investment platforms.

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Seasoned investors


Listed on 20 platforms

Highly rated

Two Funds with highest rating

Safe hands

Strong risk management

Three highly-rated portfolios

Performance updates and expert insights

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Why small companies? 

Australian small companies are among some of the most exciting investment opportunities in the listed equity market.

Greater capital growth potential


Greater alignment of investor interest


More opportunity for superior returns

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Industry awards

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