Insights, September 2019 - Fund Updates

The August reporting season was a challenging one across the board in Australian small-caps with just 38% of stocks in the Small Ordinaries Index delivering positive EPS growth in the second half of FY19, the lowest number in a decade.

The OC Premium Small Companies Fund and OC Dynamic Equity Fund returned -4.7% and -4.4% in August respectively, while the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index and the S&P/ASX Small Industrials Accumulation Index returned -3.0% and -3.9% respectively. The OC Micro-Cap Fund finished down 0.1%, ahead of the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index which was down 0.7%.

Overall, we were comfortable with the operating performance of our Fund’s holdings during FY19 and remain upbeat about their prospects, albeit we were disappointed to have posted negative returns during the month.

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