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Insights, May 2020 - Uncategorized
The original article was published in the Australian Financial Review on May 11, 2020 (click to view) Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Tim Boyd Fund managers have ruled off April performance numbers and attention has quickly turned to who's in front for the all-important year to June 30. As clients read through April monthly reports, one set of…
Insights, April 2020 - Uncategorized
OC Head of Investments Rob Frost provides his latest insights on the impact of COVID-19 as well as portfolio opportunities in the current environment. OC Funds Management has a 20-year track record managing Australian small companies and has managed the same portfolio through many crisis' including the GFC. For more information on the OC Premium…
Insights, January 2020 - Uncategorized
Application and redemption processing on hold |  Applications and redemptions will not be processed until the half-yearly distribution has been finalised. The hold applies to any applications and redemptions placed after 2pm on 31 December 2019. You can continue to submit applications and redemptions during this period, and the unit price will not be affected…
Insights, November 2018 - Uncategorized
FUND UPDATES | Global markets were sold down over the month of October as a series of macro-economic, political and geo-political factors conspired to undermine investor confidence resulting in a sharp equity market sell-off. Across the domestic small cap market, the sell-off was broad-based with the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index and the S&P/ASX Small…
Insights, July 2018 - Uncategorized
Latest performance for the OC Funds: OC Premium Small Companies Fund OC Dynamic Equity Fund OC Micro-Cap Fund
Insights, July 2018 - Uncategorized
Latest price and unit price history: OC Premium Small Companies Fund OC Dynamic Equity Fund OC Micro-Cap Fund
Insights, May 2018 - News, Uncategorized
New research by Money Management shows that OC Funds Management has its entire range of Funds in the top quartile of its peer group over the five years to the end of calendar year 2017. Each of its Funds, including the OC Premium Small Companies Fund, the OC Dynamic Equity Fund and the OC Micro-Cap Fund,…